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This site is an archive of my older interactive,  electronic and computer-controlled sculpture.  You can always find out about my latest projects via my gateway, brucecannon.com.


The Time of Your Life (1997-1998); click for an enlargementThe Time of Your Life (1997-1998)

Computer, antique clock, speech system;
8x6x4" plus cord; 2 lbs.

Status: available

This sculpture is a personal seer.  Constructed inside a cast iron antique clock housing, The Time of Your Life consists of a computer, a battery-backed clock, a digital speech system, a numerical display and a key switch.  Upon it's purchase, I set the owner's date of birth into the machine.  They receive a large brass key, which insures that only they can activate the prediction.

The Time of Your Life detail; click for an enlargementWhen the key is inserted into the lock and turned, the computer checks the current date and the owner's birth date, calculates a prediction based on insurance company actuarial tables, and speaks.  It uses a monotonous female voice, and patches together its utterance in the manner of the telephone time system: "You have... x... x... x.. .x... days to live."  If the owner outruns the law of averages, the piece says "Congratulations. You've cheated death by... x... x... x.. .x... days."  The piece also counts the seconds away in binary code on its LED display.

The Time of Your Life requires 120v, and a small pedestal or shelf.


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