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Bruce Cannon

This site is an archive of my older interactive,  electronic and computer-controlled sculpture.  You can always find out about my latest projects via my gateway, brucecannon.com.


Street Shoes and the charging standStreet Shoes (1991)

Custom shoes, stun gun, rubber, plastic, electronics;
12x14x14"; 10lbs.;

status: collection of Clyde Beswick


Street Shoes are an experiment in urban defense fashion; they integrate a very high potency stun gun into the toes of a pair of stylish ankle boots.

The position of a snap-on strap across the instep arms or disarms the system.  When armed, the shoes output a 75,000 volt charge between two electrodes on the toe whenever the button between them is pressed.  Typically this is effected by the wearer kicking their antagonist.

Street Shoe dischargingThe shoe system is shown above with its convenient night charging stand (included).  The photo at left shows the electronic discharge being tested.



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