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This site is an archive of my older interactive,  electronic and computer-controlled sculpture.  You can always find out about my latest projects via my gateway, brucecannon.com.


Portrait (1995-1998); click for an enlargementPortrait (1995-1998)

Microcontrollers, modems, balance beam, counter, phone lines;
20x18x8 plus power module; 15lbs.

Status: available

Portrait is a real-time model of the artist with a resolution of thirty days, and is composed of two elements linked by telephone.

Portrait detail of artist's unit; click for an enlargementA wooden box with a brass button plate on its top is situated in the artist's home.  He must enter into this control device a private code at least once every thirty days.  At the home of the piece's owner is a sculpture composed of a mechanical counter in a small iron cage hanging from an old balance-beam scale.

On the floor a few feet away, connected to the scale by a cable, is a small oak box which contains the communication and control system.   This device is plugged into the owner's phone line.  Once a month, the scale unit calls the control unit and checks to see whether the code has been updated within the past thirty days.  If so, the sculpture calls back again in another month.  If not, it permanently ceases to function.

Portrait detail of control unit; click for an enlargementThe balance beam, which has a maximum travel of 90 degrees, is moved by a very slow motor one degree per year of the artist's life; the counter in the cage increments once per day. This results in a model of the artists mortality accurate to within thirty days.


Portrait detail of scale unit; click for an enlargementPortrait rests on a shelf or pedestal with its control unit on the floor nearby. It requires a continuous 120v power source and an an extension jack onto the owner's phone line.





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