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This site is an archive of my older interactive,  electronic and computer-controlled sculpture.  You can always find out about my latest projects via my gateway, brucecannon.com.


Abjet d'Art (1991); click for an enlargementAbjet d'Art (1991)

Computer, sensors, speech synthesizer;
4x17x19"; 5 lbs.

Status: collection of Alan Rath

Abjet D'art is constructed from a PC computer, three ultrasonic movement sensors and a speech synthesizer. The sculpture detects the presence of viewers, and sometimes speaks to them. The speech is synthetic, robotic. The psychological profile of the piece is failure, pessimism and poor self-image. Utterances are simple, feeble, and apologetic: "I'm sorry" or "I know I'm not much to look at but..." or "Why don’t you just unplug me?" When a viewer ventures very close, the piece repeats "Please don't hit me" until they back away again.

Although it appears to be a loose pile of circuit boards, the sculpture is actually highly structured, and transports and installs easily. It should be displayed on a 3 - 4" high pedestal for safety, near a wall or corner, and requires seven feet of open space around it and a 120v outlet within ten feet.


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